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[The IX Event 2020] EHS 4.0, Digitally Transform Safety and Risk Management Roundtable Recording

EHS 4.0, Digitally Transform Safety and Risk Management Roundtable

COVID-19 has moved the health and safety of workers to the top of the strategic priority list for almost every industrial company, simultaneously providing leadership opportunities for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals that were few and far between prior to the current pandemic. In this environment, many companies are being forced to simultaneously make tactical decisions on how to keep plants running and employees safe. Strategic decisions are being made to ensure the organization is well positioned for success once a vaccine is widely available.

The IX Event 2020, EHS 4.0 Roundtable

In this roundtable, led by LNS Research Analyst Peter Bussey, featuring added thought leadership discussions from Patti Swope, Senior Director of Health, Safety, and Analytics at Raytheon Technologies, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate and prioritize exposure control measures across administrative, operational, and technology options.
  • How EHS technology, using real time data and advanced analytics, can reduce risk and improve business outcomes
  • How EHS leaders can participate in, gain benefit from, and deliver value to broader Industrial Transformation initiatives.

Here, you can watch the video recording of this session.

Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Oct 20, 2020

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