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[SSM] LNS Research Solution Selection Matrix Guide for the IX Platform

Industrial Transformation (IX) is an increasingly common initiative within industrial or­ganizations globally. LNS Research survey data shows that two-thirds of companies sur­veyed have implemented, are currently implementing, or plan to implement an Industrial Transformation program with a notable, though still small, percentage of companies re­porting “dramatic results” from their IX Program. Powering IX is the critical technology of the Industrial Transformation (IX) Platform.

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From our extensive analysis, LNS Research has created the Solution Selection Matrix™ SSM cover thumbnail(SSM) - a comprehensive guide intended to help man­ufacturers develop, evaluate, and even select from a shortlist of IX Platform vendors. In the first of our Solution Selection Matrix series for 2021-22, we review more than 20 vendors within the IX Platform Ecosystem - in both the Process & Infrastructure and Discrete & Batch industries - and categorize them based on various key criteria. 

Click Read More below to download the Solution Selection Matrix Guide for the IX Platform. To download LNS Research's companion SSM Vendor Compendium that evaluates several of the leading solution providers in the IX Platform Ecosystem, click here.

Author Name: LNS Research
Date: Apr 27, 2021

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