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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] People in Industrial Transformation (IX): Leadership, Culture, and Organizational Best Practices

Industrial Transformation (IX) has gone mainstream. More than 50% of industrial enterprises have established an IX Program and are engaged in transformation. Another quarter of enterprises plan to start this year. While transformation is about digital technology, the People issues are as critical to the success of an IX Program as which technologies are being deployed and which vendors are being selected.

IX should be something you do WITH plant personnel - Tom Comstock, LNS Research QuoteThe data clearly demonstrates that People issues are having an outsized impact on IX. Companies are, on average, more mature in Process and Technology elements of our maturity model, but comparatively lagging in People elements (leadership, culture, competency).

In our latest Research Spotlight we build on the more general IX Readiness reports LNS Research published in April and August 2021 and drill into the People dimension of IX.

Download this report to examine:

  • The characteristics of leadership that are critical for success
  • The five biggest organizational challenges in forming and executing an IX Program
  • IX change management issues across an industrial enterprise
  • The seven “clusters” of best practices

Most importantly, this report provides actionable insights on the importance of the People dimension and the choices IX Leaders are making to go beyond Continuous Improvement to find step-change improvements in business.

Download the full research report below.

Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Mar 4, 2022

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