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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Connected Workforce: Enable a Competent, Agile Industrial Workforce

Initiatives to create a digitally Connected Workforce among industrial frontlines were gaining significant cross-industry traction in the years before the COVID-19 pandemic. This occurred as Industrial Transformation (IX) initiatives matured and expanded in scope, and companies sought ways to help address critical frontline workforce issues, most notably the cross-industry skills gap precipitated in large part by workforce demographic shifts. These macro trends have been discussed in detail in our prior Connected Worker eBook.

In our companion report, Connected Workforce: Enable a Competent, Agile Industrial Workforce, we examine how industrial organizations are increasingly connected worker spotlight 2021 graphicincorporating digital technologies to engage and empower the frontline workforce within overall IX initiatives to improve operational performance. The source of the data presented is a global survey of 298 industrial operations and technology managers and executives, and identifies organizations that have been most successful with their Connected Workforce initiatives (“Leaders”). Moreover, this Research Spotlight looks at the business use cases these Leaders focus on and the technologies they deploy.  

Specifically, you will learn in this report:
  • What key attributes are needed in a Connected Workforce
  • How to enable better decision-making and optimize actions
  • Connected Workforce Initiative Adoption and what influences it
  • What types of cross-functional use cases IX Leaders focus on
  • Actionable recommendations you can use to build a successful, digitally Connected Workforce

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Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Feb 8, 2021

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