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Implementing a Total Quality Strategy: Harmonized and Connected Processes in Life Sciences

In the world of life sciences, organizations face a kaleidoscope of quality management related challenges.The regulatory climate in which these companies operate is appropriately demanding quality, and it is a core principle that features on every leg of the journey. A Total Quality Strategy aligns corporate and operational objectives by clearly defining roles, responsibilities, processes, activities, points of collaboration, technologies, and metrics across the entire value chain and in each functional area therein. For life sciences, a Total Quality Strategy leans on core Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) technologies with elegant extensions for discovery and development, as well as incorporating material and product quality testing for end-to-end genealogy and traceability.

In this Research Spotlight LNS Research will examine how a Total Quality Strategy can provide a single source of truth encapsulated by a holistic solution from the laboratory to the market and back. This informs a strategy that can address the demand for quality data throughout the product lifecycle and ensure the high quality of processes, all underpinned by adherence to regulatory demand and industry guidelines.
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Rob Harrison
Date: Sep 22, 2016

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