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[eBook] Think Like MacGyver to Drive Better Asset Performance

Most companies are eager to leverage IIoT technologies, but many don’t know where to begin. Since asset reliability is critical for business survival, Asset Performance Management (APM) is usually the best place to start a Digital Transformation effort.

It doesn’t necessarily mean a massive capital project. A company or even a department can take a MacGyver approach – use what’s available right now to get some surprisingly good results.

Read it to learn:

  • Why APM is the natural starting point for Digital Transformation
  • Who should head up the effort
  • When to use an IT focus, and when an OT approach is better
  • Which tools and tactics fit each approach
  • How to recognize when to shift from a MacGyver solution to a long-term strategy
Author Name: Dan Miklovic
Date: Jul 26, 2017

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