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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] What's Your DfR Data Plan? Driving Better Outcomes with Design for Reliability

Product reliability isn’t optional; it’s a significant engineering and business consideration for manufacturers of durable goods because it influences customer satisfaction, brand value, competitiveness of service contracts, and product and service margins. Industrial organizations rely on design for reliability (DFR or DfR) programs to assess and improve product reliability during product development, predict product reliability and potential sources of failure, and the potential performance, safety, and economic impacts of failure.

Read this spotlight to learn:

  • The impact of DfR on enterprise success
  • Current market drivers
  • DfR trends and challenges
  • How to implement a data-driven DfR program (including use case)
  • The impact of IIoT on reliability
  • Takeaways and recommendations
Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: Sep 25, 2018

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