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[eBook] Unify EHS and Quality: Capture Synergies and Turn Policy into Action

Research Spotlight: Integrating EHS, Quality Management Systems and TechnologyHarmonization of industry consensus standards for environment, health and safety (EHS), and quality management is an opportunity for industrial organizations to examine the benefits of alignment and integration across these disciplines. The best strategy for breaking down silos across people, process, and technology capabilities varies greatly by organization, with the potential to combine EHS and quality information systems being critical to success.

Read this research to understand how forward-thinking companies integrate quality, safety and risk to drive operational performance and enterprise financial gains. You will learn:

  • Why ongoing harmonization of global management system standards facilitates integration
  • How to apply frameworks as a basis for integrating processes, teams, and technology
  • Which criteria determine when and where to integrate technology
  • The five questions you should ask to guide your integration roadmap
  • How much business value you should expect with integrated quality-EHS management
Author Name: Dan Jacob, Research Director and Principal Analyst and Peter Bussey, Research Analyst
Date: Sep 27, 2018

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