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[eBook] Top Strategies for Energy Intelligence

In today's big data world, companies struggle to find the intelligence needed for making strategic decisions at the speed of business and manufacturing. The data is there in many cases, but its sources are often too distributed and disconnected to provide actionable and consumable information. The lack of a cohesive strategy around key resources prevents the ability for data to reach its full potential. In this eBook, LNS Research will help to provide a roadmap for industrial organizations aiming to turn big data into operational insights with Energy Intelligence Software.

Specifically, this Research Spotlight will highlight the following areas:
  • Mega-trends that drive the need for energy intelligence
  • Individual company responses
  • Market drivers for energy management
  • Challenges with energy managemet
  • Strategies for a successful energy intelligence solution
  • Actionable recommendations


Author Name: Matthew Littlefield and Mike Roberts
Date: Jun 25, 2013

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