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The Smart IIoT Enterprise: Connecting Assets to Elevate Business Performance

Smart Connected Assets and Digital Transformation have become essential to all competitive industries. While it may seem that Smart Connected Assets and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms strictly apply to asset-intensive industries, this is not the case. The IIoT Platform has a significant impact on asset-intensive industries just as it does on process and discrete manufacturers, giving them a competitive edge. This means businesses need to rethink the way they design, operate, maintain, and dispose of their assets to stay on top of the competition.

This LNS Research Spotlight will discuss how to get the most from asset data to provide improved, Smart Services internally or externally toward customers, specifically: 

  • How to get started inexpensively with Smart Connected Assets through incorporation of legacy asset data
  • The role of Smart Connected Assets in architecting Smart Connected Assets in architecting Smart Services
  • Actionable recommendations for maximizing value on the Smart Connected Assets journey
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Author Name: Jason Kasper
Date: Sep 8, 2016

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