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[The IX Event 2023] The Future of Information and Automation Roundtable Presentation Slides

The Future of Information and Automation Architectures: Industrial Operations Platforms Roundtable

Industrial Operations is where assets and materials are turned into profits and products. However, there is a timeline mismatch between the lifespan of manufacturing assets and the need for information and automation systems that can be updated continuously. This can make it difficult to keep these systems aligned.

In this Roundtable, LNS Research Principal Analyst Niels Andersen and industry experts from 3M and Niagara Bottling delved into these challenges, sharing their real-world experiences and research-based insights into why some fail, while discussing best practices and strategies for establishing a comprehensive, end-to-end Automation Architecture.

Access the content presented during this Roundtable session below to learn from industry leaders and contribute to your organization's future.
Author Name: Niels Andersen
Date: Oct 18, 2023

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