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[The IX Event 2023] Building Next-Gen Operational Architectures Roundtable Presentation Slides

Building Next-Gen Operational Architectures with Industrial Data Hubs Roundtable Presentation Slides

Though 58% of industrial companies are implementing analytics, only 11% have seen the expected value from it. This is no surprise, given that the majority of analytics programs today are constrained by paper-based processes, poor data quality, and limited machine connectivity.

In this Roundtable session, LNS Research Analyst Vivek Murugesan and industrial leaders from Samuel, Son & Co. and Kraft Heinz highlight why it’s absolutely critical for companies to fix their data connectivity and architecture before focusing on analytics. Additionally, they showcase real-life case studies of how a data hub strategy can help build a truly next-generation operational architecture.

Access the content presented during this Roundtable session below to learn from industry leaders and contribute to your organization's future.
Author Name: Vivek Murugesan
Date: Oct 18, 2023

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