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[The IX Event 2023] Achieving Net Zero+ Waste Roundtable Presentation Slides

Achieving Net Zero+ Waste Leveraging Analytics and CFW in Quality 4.0 and Digital Performance Excellence Roundtable Presentation Slides

Quality 4.0 and Digital Performance Excellence (DPX) have some significant overlap. Both are typically led by the Head of Operations. Both interconnect with Connected Frontline Worker applications but for slightly different purposes. Moreover, both leverage Advanced Industrial Analytics and advanced digital tools, such as AI and Digital Twins.

In this highly interactive Roundtable session, LNS Research Analyst James wells and industrial leaders from Molex and Owens Corning explore:

🔸 Use cases for interconnectivity between Quality 4.0 and Digital Performance Excellence

🔸 Supporting digital tools

🔸 How to leverage these tools to enable better performance

Access the content presented during this Roundtable session below to learn from industry leaders and contribute to your organization's future.
Author Name: James Wells
Date: Oct 18, 2023

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