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[The IX Event 2023] A Roadmap to the Autonomous Plant Roundtable Presentation Slides

 A Roadmap to the Autonomous Plant Roundtable

The Autonomous Plant was already a key strategy among Industrial Transformation (IX) leaders across industries…but then the pandemic hit. This, along with technological advances, has only accelerated autonomous operations initiatives. More than 50% of IX Leaders have an Autonomous Plant initiative formalized.

In this Roundtable, LNS Research Analyst Bob Francis and industrial leaders from Adient and International Paper address key topics in autonomous operations, including how today’s successful autonomous inspection programs using drones, crawlers, and walkers deliver high value and generate greater acceptance and adoption for the autonomous plants of tomorrow.

Access the content presented during this Roundtable session below to learn from industry leaders and contribute to your organization's future.
Author Name: Bob Francis
Date: Oct 19, 2023

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