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[The IX Event 2022] Quality Leaders Roundtable, Presentation Slides

Quality Leaders Roundtable: Building an Influential Quality 4.0 Program

At LNS Research, we use the term Quality 4.0 to collectively refer to the transformation of Quality teams, processes, and technologies. Our latest Quality 4.0 survey data shows that 27% of companies have implemented full-scale Quality 4.0 programs as of 2021 but 13% don’t have any plans for Quality 4.0. While the 27% are already realizing the benefits of this transformation, the 13% don’t plan to invest in making Quality a competitive advantage.

The remaining 60% of companies are somewhere in the middle - they understand the potential benefits of transforming the Quality organization but don’t have all the answers yet. They may have taken steps such as piloting a couple of digital technologies or pursuing one-off use cases and are enjoying small pockets of success but they are not able to scale and sustain them. Some of the common challenges faced by companies in this stage are not just technological but organizational and cultural.

In this roundtable, we will be helping this 60% of companies by providing insights that enable the move from the one-off use case-based approach to building a full-fledged Quality 4.0 program that influences and adds value to the enterprise. Join this roundtable to learn more about:

• Scope of the Quality 4.0 program: What is Quality 4.0 and what is it not? How does it align with other transformation programs in the organization?
• Fundamental elements of a Quality 4.0 strategy: How to tie in leadership goals, management systems, data, and the front-line workforce into one coherent strategy?
• Driving a culture of quality: How to bring together teams with conflicting objectives and priorities to drive a culture of quality?
• Innovate with Quality 4.0 use cases: How to leverage the power of Quality data and an Industrial Data Hub to enable novel & innovative use cases across IT & OT?

Here, you can download the presentation slides for this session.
Author Name: James Wells
Date: Oct 19, 2022

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