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[The IX Event 2022] Process Industries Roundtable, Presentation Slides

As manufacturers within Process industries continue to face challenges in a rapidly changing market and with additional industry pressures and supply chain constraints, cross-functionality within operations is more important than ever. In this Roundtable, we’ll provide a deeper dive into Operational Excellence 4.0 and how Process manufacturers can achieve Industrial Transformation (IX) success. Join us to examine key areas and issues of Operations, including:

• Operationalizing sustainability – what, how, when, where, and why?
• Operational Excellence 4.0 and Risk Management – can we do better than today?
• The Talent Drought – how can we best manage the retirement and short-term worker engagement environment?
• Remote and autonomous operations – what’s possible, what’s doable, and what’s it worth?

Collaborate with fellow industry executives facing similar challenges on their IX journey. Share best practices and effective approaches in achieving Operational Excellence. 

Here, you can download the presentation slides for this session.
Author Name: Allison Kuhn
Date: Oct 19, 2022

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