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[The IX Event 2022] Analytics Roundtable, Presentation Slides

LNS’ latest Analytics That Matter research results exhibit substantial progress in the industry’s adoption of data and analytics initiatives both on the factory floor and at the enterprise layer in today’s industrial companies.

Based on our recent survey, we have identified the top 15% of companies as Analytics Leaders and have studied in detail what differentiates them from the rest of the industry. These Analytics Leaders, who have already digitally connected more than 60% of their plant-floor, have also taken substantial strides in several areas such as establishing the right leadership team, nurturing a data-centric culture in everyone’s mindset, piloting, implementing, and scaling use cases across IT and OT, among other elements of transformation.

In this roundtable, we will share the results from this research study and answer some of the most pressing questions in today’s industrial analytics scenario, such as:

• What are the top drivers and common challenges in analytics initiatives faced by industrial companies across the world?
• Who should lead analytics initiatives at the plant and across the enterprise?
• Why predictive analytics is no longer sufficient to stay ahead of your competition?
• How should your analytics journey ebb and flow as you move through the four stages of transformation?
• How to successfully build a common data schema that spans across several types of IT and OT systems, and their corresponding data models?
• What are the necessary steps to take to ensure a fully functional data science team that works in harmony with the business?

Learn more about the Analytics That Matter most in a successful transformation program and how you can utilize them to empower your organization’s transformation journey.

Here, you can download the presentation slides for this session.
Author Name: Vivek Murugesan
Date: Oct 20, 2022

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