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[The IX Event 2022] Analytics in Consumer Products and Food & Beverage, Presentation Slides

Consumer-Packaged Goods/ Food & Beverage (CPG/F&B) Industry is changing. Demand is fluctuating wildly in the face of COVID-19 pandemic-created lifestyle changes. Local and microbrands are becoming ever more important. New channels such as Amazon must be assimilated. And long-term trends such as the increasing role of private labeling, co-packers and contract manufacturing continue to reshape the industry. In face of this turbulence, CPG/F&B companies are – like so many other industrial enterprises – looking at Industrial Transformation (IX) as a means to drive change. Yet, CPG/F&B manufacturers are falling behind in IX compared to other industries.

In this Roundtable, learn more about how to keep your IX journey from stagnating. You’ll discover:

• Why the CPG/F&B industry is falling behind in Industrial Transformation and how you can get back on track with a proactive approach
• Where to look for the “low-hanging fruit” of IX instead of focusing solely on customer experience
• The importance of adding digital technologies of IIoT, advanced analytics, and more
• Who you should include in your IX team to ensure SMEs and buy-in
• Best practices for funding and resources of your IX program
• The impact of IT and OT on IX within the CPG/F&B industry
• Strategies for the C-Suite, IX program leads, and plant managers

Here, you can download the presentation slides for this session.
Author Name: Bob Francis
Date: Oct 19, 2022

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