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[THE IX EVENT 2021] IT Leaders Roundtable: The role of IT, Architecture, and Infrastructure in Scaling IX, Recording

IT Leaders Roundtable: The role of IT, Architecture, and Infrastructure in Scaling Industrial Transformation (IX)

Industrial companies are continuing to invest in digital technologies as they try to transform their end-to-end operations. However, leaders are struggling with the time it takes to scale such investment across their global industrial footprint and figuring out a way to consolidate hundreds of applications to automate their industrial operation. The challenge for transformation leaders is that no one vendor supplies all the capabilities across the Industrial Transformation (IX) Reference Architecture given the widening scope of transformation and the increasing fragmentation across the technology market.

IT Leaders Roundtable The IX Event 2021

In this roundtable, LNS Research Principal Analyst Joe Perino shares the pros and cons of each of these architectural approaches and how to evaluate technology providers that are providing solutions in this area - featuring added thought leadership discussions from Marco Estrada and Nick Drucker at Newport News Shipbuilding, a Huntington Ingalls company and Mike Tomasco at Pfizer. You will also get answers to the following questions:

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy?
• Which path should your organization choose?
• How are the key players in the market - big OT and IT vendors and “pure plays”- positioning themselves against these choices and what type of ecosystem of vendors will you need to execute your particular architectural strategy?

Here, you can watch the video recording of this session.
Author Name: Joe Perino
Date: Oct 19, 2021

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