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[THE IX EVENT 2021] Empowering the Frontline Connected Workforce Roundtable, Presentation Slides

Empowering the Frontline Connected Workforce - Upskilling, Collaborating, and Evolving Decision Rights 

Fielding a frontline industrial workforce with the right competency profile has been an increasingly tough challenge in recent years. Workforce demographic shifts and the demands of digitalization resulted in a critical skills gap. COVID-19 has only intensified the problem. In response, many organizations are applying digital technologies such as mobile apps, smart wearables, augmented reality, geospatial, and artificial intelligence to engage and empower the frontline workforce while providing powerful insights for performance improvement.

Connected Frontline Worker Roundtable The IX Event 2021

In this roundtable, led by LNS Research Analyst Peter Bussey, we explore:

• Why and how industry leaders are incorporating Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) initiatives into their IX programs.
• Using CFW solutions to increase operational agility and drive productivity, quality, and safety gains.
• Best practices for successful solution selection and deployment at scale.

Here, you can download the presentation slides for this session.
Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Oct 20, 2021

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