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[THE IX EVENT 2021] Discrete and Batch Industry Roundtable, Presentation Slides

Discrete and Batch Industry Roundtable: IX Readiness Across the Value Chain and The Roles of MES in IX and Quality

To be successful in modern discrete manufacturing, integrated operations based-
systems, MOM/MES, needs to be built within Industrial Transformation (IX),
rather than simply place IX initiatives superficially around them. The real benefits
will start to accrue when IX architecture supports manufacturing data, including
everything that is required by manufacturing operations.

Moreover, Industrial Transformation (IX) has become commonplace across batch
manufacturing industries. The success or stagnation/failure of IX programs in the
discrete and batch industries are increasingly tied to the adoption of general and
industry specific best practices.

Discrete and Batch Roundtable IX Event 2021

In this Roundtable, led by LNS Research Principal Analyst Tom Comstock, we explore:
• The state of IX in discrete and batch manufacturing.
• Where MES fits within IX and the challenges associated with deploying MES in
• The seven lives of MOM as a vision into the future of MOM architecture.
• How to incorporate MOM/MES into your Industrial Transformation (IX) journey.
• The keys to success or failure in Industrial Transformation (IX) in both discrete and batch manufacturing.

Here, you can download the presentation slides for this session.
Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Oct 21, 2021

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