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[THE IX EVENT 2021] COO Roundtable: Leadership and Culture for End-to-End Transformation Recording

COO Roundtable: Leadership and Culture for End-to-End Transformation - Making needed changes to org structures, roles, and responsibilities.

COO’s and other global operations leaders have a unique perspective and responsibility scope spanning the full value chain P&L, including suppliers, product, manufacturing, supply chain, and the customer experience. Moreover, research shows that companies including operations as part of the Industrial Transformation (IX) team are five times more likely to have fully implemented an IX program rather than be stuck in piloting or proof of concept phases.

COO Roundtable The IX Event 2021

In this Roundtable, specifically designed with senior Operations leaders in mind, LNS Research President and Principal Analyst Matthew Littlefield discusses Operations’ critical role in the IX journey and how COOs must lead the way with a new mindset for organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities to ensure successful transformation - featuring added thought leadership discussions from Robert Mathers at Stanley Black & Decker and Michael Carroll and Bruce Ainsworth of Georgia Pacific.

In particular we discuss and provide insights to:

• The four stages of the Industrial Transformation journey and how to cross the chasm from Incubation and Kick-Starting to Scaling and Institutionalizing.
• The complicated relationship between traditional continuous improvement programs like WCM or TPM and next-gen transformation programs like Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing – and when and when not to bring them together.
• How digitizing lean tools can deliver better continuous improvement and help define new ways of applying lean principles.
• The skills-gap, retiring workforce, hiring challenges, competitive advantage, and transformation.
• Rethinking training, upskilling, incentives, and high-performer programs.
• Organizational realignment, including the relationships between IT, DT, OT, ET, Quality, EHS, and OpEx.
• Balancing harmonization versus specialization, especially across divisions, business units, geographies, and plants.

Here, you can watch the video recording of the session.

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Oct 19, 2021

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