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[THE IX EVENT 2021] Benchmarking IX Readiness: Build a Foundation for Scale, Recording

Benchmarking IX Readiness: Build a Foundation for Scale

Industrial Transformation (IX) may be about the application of digital technologies, but people are the key to success. New LNS Research data shows that companies increasingly are struggling with the organizational, cultural, and leadership elements of IX.

Benchmarking IX Readiness Roundtable The IX Event

In this roundtable, LNS Research Principal Analyst Tom Comstock leads the discussion on how IX Leaders, those companies that are succeeding at IX, are executing differently - featuring added thought leadership discussions from executives at Cargill and Southwire. This includes insights from new research and recommendations around:

• IX Program Leadership
• How to build an effective IX Program Team
• Maximizing the IX Program Team’s impact across the organization
• Tools and techniques to get engagement from across the corporation
• Moving from an IX Program to a Transformation Culture
• IT/OT Organizational alignment

We conclude by looking at the People dimensions of LNS Research IX Best Practices.

Here, you can watch the video recording of this session.
Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Oct 20, 2021

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