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Standardizing Processes and Reporting Through Global MOM/ERP Integration at a Connectivity Solutions Manufacturer [Executive Case Study]

MES rolloutA manufacturer's focus and priorities vary considerably by size, industry, product line and complexity, and so on. For a large manufacturer of low complexity products, high-speed, high volume manufacturing with fully optimized shop-floor assets is key to success. But what if your company growth has left you with a lack of standardized processes and reporting methods?

In this Executive Case Study, LNS Research explores how a global connectivity solutions designer and manufacturer was able to standardize processes and reporting across more than 30 plants to date by rolling out a global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementation and connecting it to the company's single instance of ERP software for improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and reporting visibility. Specifically, LNS Research examines:

  • The company's challenges in navigating cultural differences across global plant rollouts
  • The strategies used to gain executive support for the project
  • Next steps for the company as it extends its ambitious MES rollout
  • Actionable recommendations


Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Greg Goodwin
Date: Oct 21, 2014

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