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Schneider Electric Software Innovation Summit: A Full Dress Rehearsal for the Future

Schneider Electric brought together all of their software product users’ group meetings under a single roof the first week of October in San Antonio, Texas. The Wonderware, SimSci, Avantis, and IntelaTrac communities represent a broad spectrum of industries on a global scale. This event was more than just Schneider Electric trying to reduce the number of events they have held in the past; it represented a shift in the company’s thinking, from a product-centric and sales-driven organization to a solutions provider intent on serving specific industrial sectors. More importantly, it sets the stage for the new software entity that will be created with the Aveva merger. The merger is now in the final stages of regulatory approval after the Aveva shareholders approved it at the end of September.

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Author Name: Andrew Hughes, Dan Miklovic
Date: Oct 25, 2017

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