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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Roadmap to Supplier Status: Think Risk Performance, Not Compliance

It’s no secret … delivered product quality is one the most critical metrics on every supplier scorecard. Your quality performance as a supplier directly impacts your risk rating and in turn contract awards. Many customers rate suppliers as low-, medium-, and high-risk. They phase out high-risk suppliers, monitor and selectively award contracts to medium risk vendors, and preferentially award contracts to low-risk, "preferred suppliers."

Manufacturers that are suppliers to other industrial organizations and looking to improve recurring revenue and bottom line performance should take the proper approach to quality – shift the enterprise perspective on quality from conformance to performance, from cost-prevention to designed-in quality.

Read this spotlight to learn:

  • Which market trends and mega-trends influence the supply chain today
  • What the current state of the market is in risk management
  • Why risk plays a role in achieving differentiated supplier status
  • How and when to apply the "right" risk strategy
  • What Quality 4.0 is, how it creates the next generation of insights
  • Which actions to take now and moving forward
Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: Sep 25, 2018

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