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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Toward Operational Excellence 4.0 in the Process Industries

Operational Excellence is a topic LNS Research has continued to revisit and explore as this coverage area continues to develop. With Operational Excellence 4.0 (OE 4.0), as it pertains to Industrial Transformation (IX), we shift from safety and compliance to comprehensive risk management, moving beyond mere EHS & PSM compliance to a pro-active, integrated operations system - a systems of systems approach moving toward autonomous operations. When we last re-visited the concept of OE 4.0 we noted the increasing friction between Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and Asset Performance Management (APM) on managing operational risk in the process industries, and concluded that what is needed is an Integrated OE Execution System that effectively and seamlessly integrates the key OE activities.
LNS Research Operational Excellence Framework
Today, with this first spotlight report in our new three-part series on OE 4.0, we drill deeper into these issues and suggest a path forward to integrating EHS and APM to produce the Integrated OE Execution System.

Download this report to discover:
  • The three key issues that current operating companies are facing.
  • How to manage operational risk through integrity and operational discipline.
  • What characteristics define OE 4.0 and how to operational it.
Most importantly, this report provides actionable recommendations to help solve current transformation issues and insights on how to integrate EHS and APM to produce an Integrated OE Execution System.

Download the full research report below.
Author Name: Joe Perino
Date: Feb 28, 2022

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