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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] The Evolution of the Industrial Transformation (IX) Reference Architecture

LNS Research has long been at the forefront of research on the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and their impact on Industrial Transformation (IX), and since first introducing the IX Reference Architecture in 2020 we have worked to guide manufacturers toward how to reap the benefits of these new technologies.

As the market continues to evolve we are seeing new, valuable technologies, platforms, and applications that simplify implementation and drive operational value. With market changes and technological advances, we have identified a need to update our IX Reference Architecture to match the needs of today’s manufacturers and the current offerings.

Today, most manufacturing companies have a legacy of information and automation technology solutions that have been implemented over several decades. However, over time, the market has matured and become fragmented as technical solutions have evolved.

LNS Research now believes that manufacturers must look at the process of building operational architectures in and around industrial information systems differently.

To assist companies in defining their IX architecture, LNS Research has developed the IX Reference Architecture.

LNS Research Industrial Transformation (IX) Reference Architecture 2024

Download the full Research Spotlight below to:
  • Gain a future-looking framework to scale your transformation.
  • Discover the five main technology categories critical to IX and enabling competitive manufacturing.
  • Explore best practices on how to build out your own Operational Architecture.
  • Examine the technological capabilities needed to deliver for all personas involved in operations.
Author Name: Niels Andersen
Date: Jan 30, 2024

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