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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] The Digital Quality Hub: Driving New Organizational Models

Quality 4.0 is the single most pervasive initiative within Digital/Industrial Transformation (IX) programs; it's the digitalization of quality management through the application of traditional and Industry 4.0 technologies to improve quality monitoring and outcomes. But Quality 4.0 goes far beyond the traditional compliance-focused quality activities of the past to address 11 critical elements that span the people, process, and technology aspects of IX.  

In the first paper of our series on Digital Quality Hubs, "Jump Starting Transformation in Life Sciences," we examined the intersection of Industrial Transformation (IX) and Quality 4.0 in Life Sciences industries. Now, in part two of our Digital Quality Hubs Spotlight series, entitled, “Driving New Organizational Models,” we drill into the organizational, people, and process issues in IX and Quality Transformation. In this report, discover:  

  • Executive Leadership's role in your transformation.
  • Why it's crucial to have wide engagement across the value chain.
  • How Quality 4.0 turns the Quality team into key internal business partners and why that is important to your transformation success
  • The new “Data Ops” processes that are confounding operations/OT personnel and how you can effectively navigate them
  • How Quality 4.0 can be used to build a culture of Quality
  • The business improvement ROI delivered by a successful Quality 4.0 initiative

Quality 4.0
Most importantly, our Research Spotlight gives you actionable data-based recommendations on how you can potentially transform business outcomes, culture, leadership, competencies, processes, and collaboration to improve and accelerate your quality and Industrial Transformation (IX) programs.

Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Jun 21, 2021

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