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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] The Chemical Industry: On the Road to Remote Operations and the Autonomous Plant

Even before COVID-19, the autonomous plant and remote operations were key, growing trends among manufacturers to create more agility and improve bottom-line performance. While this is true across many types of manufacturers, the chemical industry stands apart with its own unique challenges in Industrial Transformation (IX).

In LNS Research's latest report, The Chemical Industry: On the Road to Remote Operations and the Autonomous Plant, Principal Analyst Joe Perino examines his latest research findings on the chemical industry’s Industrial Transformation initiatives as it forges ahead toward autonomy.
Chemical Industry Autonomous Progression Model

In this Research Spotlight, you'll discover: 

  • The unique way the chemical industry defines autonomy
  • The relationship of autonomy, operational excellence, and continuous improvement in Industrial Transformation (IX)
  • How the chemical industry compares to Industrial Transformation (IX) Leaders across the process industry
  • The five major challenges in moving toward autonomy
  • How the chemical industry moves forward in Industrial Transformation (IX)
Here, you can download the full research report.
Author Name: Joe Perino
Date: Nov 2, 2021

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