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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Securing Your Digital Transformation: How Cybersecurity is Key to Risk Management

Systematic Risks-01 (002)Today’s disruptive digital technologies have opened up new horizons and opportunities to provide a step-change in operational excellence. But this step change is not without additional risks and challenges, not the least of which is cyberattacks which can steal or corrupt data, damage systems, shutdown facilities, or even wreak severe havoc on operations, personnel, and the environment.

This research spotlight will explore:

1) Risk management and its role in industrial cybersecurity and sustainable operations.
2) Current market trends in Risk Management you need to know about.
3) What direction you should take within your Industrial Transformation (IX) initiatives.
4) The challenges in risk management you may face and how to overcome them.

Author Name: Joe Perino
Date: Jun 15, 2020

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