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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Quality 4.0 ROI: Bringing Users and Executives Along for the Journey

There is no standardized playbook for a successful Quality 4.0 program – but there are clear lessons on best-practice capabilities; those that are most adopted to achieve higher levels of maturity and ultimately maximize ROI.use case pic

In this LNS Research Spotlight, you will learn how taking a use case-based and strategic approach to Quality 4.0 ROI can yield a business case journey that produces differentiated benefits for your organization. Discover:

•  What is the most important element to building an effective quality strategy
•  How to build a Quality 4.0 business case
•  What is the most common mistake you need to avoid in your quality journey
•  How to set goals like an Industrial Transformation (IX) leader
•  Why you need to move from a cost-centric to value-centric strategy as maturity increases
•  Why analytics is key to your quality ROI

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Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Nov 16, 2020

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