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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Pivot to Value for Industrial Transformation Success

Transformation (IX) is increasingly common across industrial organizations globally. LNS Research survey data shows that two-thirds of companies surveyed have implemented, are currently implementing, or plan to implement an Industrial Transformation program. That research also shows that 75% of companies are not yet seeing any value from their programs. This Research Spotlight drills into one of the core challenges in achieving business value from your transformation program: The Pivot to Value.

Evidence increasingly shows that IX programs – especially successful ones – must restructure their efforts mid-flight to achieve, sustain, and grow the return on investment (ROI) from their transformational investments. At LNS Research, we call that program restructuring the “Pivot to Value,” as meaningful improvement in the financial performance of the company is dependent on these changes.

This Research Spotlight examines the need for, and the benefits in, a Pivot in the program staffing, processes, strategies, and methodologies as your IX program matures. We specifically cover:

• The definition of, and benefits from, IX (as a hint, they are big)
• The Five Stages of Transformation maturity
• The Transformation Chasm and the required Pivot to Value to
  cross that chasm
• Why IX programs cannot just start with the best practices identified
   for the most mature IX programs initially
• The people, process and technology changes required to realize
   the Pivot to Value

Pivot Chart Business Case and Objective Scope

The Spotlight closes with actionable recommendations for manufacturers to ensure you do not get stuck in the Transformation Chasm but rather successfully navigate your organization's transformation and maximize your ROI. 
Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Dec 14, 2022

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