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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Operationalize Sustainability: Align and Embed for Step Change Performance Improvement

There’s no doubt that Sustainability gets a much higher level of attention these days than it did a decade ago. But a key question is: “Will Sustainability be different this time around?” We think the answer is a resounding a “Yes!” For industrial organizations, Sustainability has shifted from a “nice to have” reporting and communications exercise to a strategic imperative with a major impact on competitive position. We've entered a new era of what Sustainability means to the world and industrial business ecosystems.

Next-Generation Sustainability’s New Paradigm, LNS Research

Our previous research defined the topic of Sustainability as it relates to industrial organizations and introduced the concept of Next-Generation Sustainability, including risk, opportunity, and competitive advantage. It this second report entitled, Operationalize Sustainability: Align and Embed for Step Change Performance Improvement, we build on that research by focusing on the key approaches Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) and other executives responsible for Sustainability strategy and performance should take to develop a modern approach to Sustainability and operationalize their initiatives for long-term success.

In this Research Spotlight explore: 

  • Why Sustainability initiatives fail, common failure modes, and how to avoid them.

  • The five key criteria for Operationalizing Sustainability and how to realize these approaches in an Industrial organization.

  • What Sustainability business leaders should be doing now to build supporting organizational capabilities and a culture that will continue to support these efforts long-term.

Download the full research report below.

Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Aug 18, 2022

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