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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] On the Road to Industrial Transformation (IX): Remote Operations & the Autonomous Plant

90% of Leaders include Autonomous Plant(s) as a key element of their Industrial Transformation (IX)

The autonomous plant and remote operations are two subjects that have generated strong interest due to COVID-19. In fact, 41% of Leaders are accelerating Autonomous Plant Initiatives becSOS Centerause of the pandemic. LNS Research recently conducted a survey of more than 300 respondents across several industries to examine Autonomy within plants and throughout the entire value chain.

In addition, we examined how progression toward autonomy and remote operations were related to Industrial Transformation (IX) and how IX Leaders have approached autonomy and remote operations versus IX Followers. The results are both informative and insightful. They highlight the difficult road ahead toward autonomy, which LNS Research believes must flow through Operational Excellence (OE) and Industrial Transformation. 

50% of Industrial Transformation Leaders have an Autonomous Plant initiative formalized. 

In our latest Research Spotlight, "Remote Operations & the Autonomous Plant," you'll discover: 

  • What is autonomy? And how is it related to automation?
  • The key characteristics of Autonomous systems and why choose Autonomy?
  • The top two challenges for Autonomous Plants you need to overcome.
  • The top three drivers for an Autonomous Plant initiative. 
  • How leadership and organizational culture directly impact Autonomous Operations
  • What Industrial Transformation Leaders do differently than Followers to accelerate Autonomy…and what you should learn from them.
  • The state of Next-Gen technology adoption and where companies are investing their money.

Moreover, our Research Spotlight gives you actionable recommendations on how you can begin, navigate, and succeed on your path toward Autonomy.  Complete and submit the form on the right to download the full report today.

Author Name: Joe Perino
Date: Apr 12, 2021

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