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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] On The Road to Industrial Transformation (IX): IX Maturity, Remote Operations, and Autonomy

Autonomous plants and remote operations are two very popular subjects among industrial companies that have only heated up in interest due to the global pandemic.  In our first Spotlight on remote operations and the autonomous plant, we examined progression toward both strategies as part of Industrial Transformation (IX) and looked at IX Leaders' efforts versus Followers'. LNS - Road IX Maturity Remote Ops and Autonomy - Autonomous Maturity

Now, in our second Spotlight, "IX Maturity, Remote Operations, and Autonomy," LNS Research discusses our maturity model for IX and explains how industrial companies can best use this maturity model to accelerate their remote operations and autonomous initiatives. 

In this latest LNS Research report, you'll learn: 

  • What the Industrial Transformation (IX) Framework is and how it helps you plan and execute your transformation programs.
  • Why you need to know the nine elements of the LNS Research maturity model. 
  • How autonomous initiatives are assessed across the nine elements of maturity.
  • What best practices in remote operations and autonomous plants have been adopted. 
  • How IX Leaders cross the chasm in technology, a significant factor in remote operations and autonomy. 
  • Who the Innovators, Stalwarts, Trailblazers, and Trusted-Partners are, and what their IX strengths and weaknesses include.
  • The business benefits of Industrial Transformation (IX) maturity.

In addition, you'll gain valuable insights into how you can succeed with your own IX initiatives that include remote operations and an autonomous plant program.

Author Name: Joe Perino
Date: Jun 21, 2021

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