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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] IX Architectural Paths #2: Evaluating IX Platforms and IX Applications & Analytics

In our continuing research series on Architectural Paths in Industrial Transformation (IX), we further explore the proactive and coordinated approach in leveraging digital technologies to create step-change improvement in industrial operations. LNS Research has confirmed the power and potential of IX. Many industrial companies are finding step-change improvements in the form of incremental revenue and cost savings with 9% of companies already reporting “dramatic results” from their IX Programs. Industrial organizations can do far more.

In our three-part series on IX Architectural Paths, we'll explore the important benefits and key strategies of Industrial Transformation (IX) to help you accelerate your organizational success. 

In Part Two, this Research Spotlight will give you further knowledge on IX, including:

• The choices you have in Core Technology: IX Platform or a set of IX Applications and Analytics.
• What to consider in selecting commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) architectural approaches and what will work best for you.
• How LNS Research evaluates vendors in the various architectural options.
2019_ScopeofIXStrategicInitiatives ART2-02

 Download all three Research Spotlights to further accelerate your Industrial Transformation strategy.
Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Dec 17, 2020

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