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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Industrial Transformation Readiness: Benchmarking Your IX Journey Along Five Levels of Maturity

In the first research report of our Industrial Transformation (IX) Readiness series, entitled, “Industrial Transformation in 2021: Getting Real,” we explained why you cannot wait any longer to “GET REAL” with your IX Program through exploration of the why's and how's IX Leaders are reaping big benefits from their highly focused transformation efforts.

Continuing the series with this second Research Spotlight, entitled, Benchmarking Your Industrial Transformation (IX) Journey Along Five Levels of Maturity, Senior Research Associate Vivek Murugesan utilizes data from our latest maturity assessment of 300+ industrial companies to delve deeper into mapping out the journey of a company pursuing Industrial Transformation. We will define LNS Research's Maturity Model and describe the maturity of the overall Industrial Transformation (IX) market. We will also introduce some key concepts along the way and help plot the journey for companies to climb the maturity slope through people, process, and technology capabilities.
Autonomous Maturity

Most importantly, this Research Spotlight gives you actionable insights and recommendations to help you transform and accelerate your IX journey.
Author Name: Vivek Murugesan
Date: Oct 28, 2021

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