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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Industrial Transformation is Becoming an IT Land Grab...and That MAY be Okay

Industrial Transformation (IX) was supposed to be something different. Instead of focusing on continuous improvement, industrial enterprises were looking to deploy digital technologies and new methodologies to achieve step change across their value chain. New teams were created and new leaders were hired. A new set of technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twins, advanced analytics, etc.) were the focus. But a trend has emerged and its déjà vu all over again. IT appears to be in a process of a land grab with increasing responsibility for Industrial Transformation. The question is, is that a good thing? The answer depends.

IT Land Grab Spotlight ReportIn this Research Spotlight from LNS Research Fellow Tom Comstock, we look at why industrials thought something different was needed, how that is evolving, and the tradeoffs across different organizational models.

Read this Research Spotlight to discover:

How IX Leadership is changing, who is increasingly taking charge, and which functional leaders are being included in program teams.

•  Updates on how IT-OT convergence is being viewed among IX Leaders and Followers with insights into progress made on organizational integration.

•  When growing the role of IT in Industrial Transformation may be okay and when it is dead wrong.

•  Keys to successfully building an organizational structure that enables IX.

Download the full research report below.

Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Mar 28, 2023

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