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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Industrial Transformation: Architecture and Analytics Just the Beginning

"We use the term Industrial Transformation to express how companies use digital techniques to transform themselves. They often focus deeply on the operational side of the enterprise, but that is not exclusively independent or even a given in Industrial Transformation; end-to-end business processes are just as important."
- Andrew Hughes, Principal Analyst

Companies embark on an Industrial Transformation journey for variety of reasons like shift in product or service offering, a new operating model, cost structures, or even the ability to stay relevant in a highly competitive market. Regardless of the strategic opportunity, there is a critical need for unified processes, technologies and people; all these elements are a part of the enterprise’s Industrial Transformation journey.

Read this research spotlight to explore:

  • The LNS Industrial Transformation framework, and the logical starting point for your company's transformation journey
  • The power of analytics and how companies can use it to augment Industrial Transformation
  • Defining Operational Architecture in a digital world
  • What is a Digital Twin and the role it plays in implementing the Operational Architecture
  • Four step analyst recommendations on getting started with the future of manufacturing
Author Name: Andrew Hughes
Date: Sep 25, 2018

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