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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] How LNS Research Evaluates Vendors in Technology Domains

LNS Research’s mission is to evangelize and drive Industrial Transformation (IX). As part of that mission, we are asked regularly to evaluate vendors generally and in specific technology domains (IX Platforms, MES/MOM, APM, EHS, EQMS/Quality 4.0, Connected Worker, etc.) critical to IX success.  

In almost every case, it is more important to choose a vendor that will be a successful long-term partner, fits within your existing operational architecture, supports your strategic initiatives, and can successfully scale across the business. But far too often, those buying technology sub-optimize by selecting vendors against a detailed, IT-centric, feature function checklist.SSM_Logo

The LNS Research Solution Selection Matrix is a tool to evaluate solution selection from the tactical to strategic and identify the short-list of vendors that will best enable IX success.  

In this Research Spotlight, you'll learn how LNS evaluates vendors so that you are able to create a solid select list of your preferred vendors. In addition, we'll explain our:

     • 3P Evaluation Model
     • Scoring System
     • Solution Selection Matrix

Download today to learn more. 

Author Name: Tom Comstock
Date: Dec 17, 2020

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