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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] How IX Leaders Look at Data

Utilizing datadreamstime_l_111313175 in new ways is a major driving factor for Industrial Transformation (IX). Data generated by industrial organizations in factories and plants, when used effectively, can enable new business insights that have been previously unreachable. In fact, in this LNS Research Spotlight, we explain why Data Connectivity, Transport, and Security make up the foundational layer of the IX Reference Architecture.

Moreover, in this Research Spotlight, you’ll discover:
• How Industrial Transformation leaders are using data more effectively; and how you can too.
• Why you can’t overlook data conditioning and contextualization.
• What is frustrating your data science team and how they are underutilized.
• How to think differently about data in order to accelerate your IX strategy.

Make your data work harder for you and empower your Industrial Transformation (IX) strategy today.

Author Name: Patrick Fetterman
Date: Aug 20, 2020

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