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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] EHS 4.0: Transforming EHS Management in High-Risk Industries

When it comes to managing Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) risks, the high-risk industries (i.e., chemicals, oil and gas, utilities, metals, mining, etc.) face a special set of challenges. Given the wide range of hazards in their operations and the potential consequences of not getting things right, these companies naturally became early leaders in the development and implementation of EHS management systems.

High-risk industries are advanced in some aspects of EHS management but with high-risk industrials reporting 21% less enterprise standardization of core EHS business processes compared to EHS Leaders, they clearly still have significant opportunity to improve performance by taking advantage of new approaches, best practices, and technologies.

Enterprise Standardization of Core EHS Processes
In this latest Research Spotlight, we focus on EHS 4.0 Management as it pertains to the inherent wide range of EHS-related challenges high-risk industries face. Download this report to discover:

  • What characteristics high-risk industrials share that impact the scope and intensity of their EHS compliance obligations and operational risk profile.
  • The current trends and challenges impacting high-risk operations.
  • The top business objectives for EHS management in these industries and what their challenges are in meeting those objectives.
  • High potential opportunities for improvement in EHS capability maturity among current high-risk industrials. 
Most importantly, this report provides high-risk industrials with valuable insights into where they currently stand when compared with EHS Leaders as well as actionable recommendations on opportunities to improve the EHS maturity of their organization.

Download the full research report below.
Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Feb 9, 2022

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