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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Driving Continuous Improvement Through Digital Lean Tools

In our previous Research Spotlight on continuous improvement (CI), LNS Research defined five levels of manufacturing programs used to drive CI. Taking a holistic approach to CI is strongly encouraged but there is a lot of history and success in lean manufacturing. Considering the individual lean tools as potential digital tools opens up new possibilities. Direct conversion to digital support brings opportunities to rethink the value and usefulness of our traditional toolset.

In this second Research Spotlight, entitled, Driving Continuous Improvement Through Digital Lean Tools, we look at some popular lean tools and investigate how they can deliver more value in a digital continuous improvement (DCI) manufacturing environment. These suggestions are a starting point for manufacturers in their CI journey using digital lean tools as part of their overall Industrial Transformation (IX).
Driving Continuous Improvement Digital Lean Tools, Continuous Flow Chart

In this research spotlight, you will learn:

  • What Industrial Transformation Leaders do differently than Followers with their Continuous Improvement tools and how you can maximize your tools for success.

  • What you must consider within the wider context of IX when implementing lean tools. 

  • What the top lean tools can offer your organization and how you can drive continuous improvement by digitizing these tools effectively. 

Most importantly, this Research Spotlight will help you identify the starting point for digital continuous improvement within your IX journey, and how you can utilize digital lean tools to transform and accelerate your manufacturing operations.

Author Name: Andrew Hughes
Date: Sep 7, 2021

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