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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Advanced Industrial Analytics: Building a Next-Gen Operational Architecture with a Data Hub Strategy

The mainstream manufacturing industry has avoided its architectural problems and continues to be constrained by paper-based processes, limited connectivity, and complex spaghetti architectures. Meanwhile, the frontrunners have dealt with this problem head-on and built the next generation of operational architectures.

In the first Research Spotlight of the Analytics That Matter biennial research series, co-created with MESA, we dug deeper into the emerging space of Advanced Industrial Analytics to explore what's working and what isn't.

Now in this second Research Spotlight, we examine the evolving next-generation of operational architecture and explain how manufacturers are using a Data Hub strategy to build this architecture successfully.
Industry 4.0 Operational Architecture

Read this latest Spotlight Report to explore:

   •   How Operational Architecture has evolved and what Next-Gen Architecture looks like in manufacturing

   •   What a Data Hub is and how manufacturers have used it as a strategy to achieve their Next-Gen Architecture goals

   •   Actionable recommendations for manufacturers to transform their Operational Architecture to meet Next-Gen requirements and build the Factories of the Future

Download the full research report below.

Author Name: Vivek Murugesan
Date: Apr 24, 2023

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