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Reducing Energy Usage at Des Moines WRA, a Continuous Improvement Journey

internet of things in energy managementThe Des Moines, Iowa, Water Reclamation Authority (WRA) has been on a multi-year journey to reduce energy usage. From its initial project funded by EECBG provided through the Energy Recovery Act in July 2010, Des Moines WRA has achieved a benefit level nearly ten times what was used to justify the project and the returns just keep on growing. This four-year continuous improvement journey illustrates how to start small with a specific pilot project, and then create a culture where energy management becomes a driving force in the pursuit of Operational Excellence.

This case study dives into how Des Moines WRA is leveraging next-generation Asset Performance Management (APM) technology to drive continuous improvements that are benefiting the bottom line. Specifically, it covers the following sections:

  • Immediate and Continuous Results of the Project
  • The Links to Asset Performance Management
  • Future Projects and Projected Savings
Author Name: Dan Miklovic
Date: Nov 11, 2014

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