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[eBook] Quality 4.0: The Quality Innovation Foundry | Use Cases Continue to Emerge as Market Matures

Fifty-five percent of companies have implemented, are currently implementing, or plan to implement a Quality 4.0 initiative(s) within their Industrial Transformation (IX) program. This report provides details on the exact status of Quality 4.0 and puts Quality 4.0 initiatives in the context of the larger, overarching Industrial Transformation programs more generally. In our analysis, we evaluated the state of IX and Quality 4.0 in the real-world and then drilled into the specific use cases that are making a positive contribution to industrials’ top and/or bottom lines.

This report also classifies 33 Quality 4.0 use cases that the market is adopting and against which vendors are developing new technology offerings. The analysis categorizes and defines these use cases, and provides findings on the level of industrial deployment, impact, and effort.  Read this report to examine the transformational potential of Quality 4.0 and Quality 4.0 use cases.

Author Name: Tom Comstock, Principal Analyst
Date: Aug 22, 2019

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