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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Quality 4.0 Series: The Quality Leader's New Product Introduction Playbook

Thirty-seven percent of quality leaders say "lack of quality culture" is the top roadblock to achieve quality objectives (n=1198). In fact, many quality leaders have long-recognized that instilling a culture of quality is critical to achieve quality objectives and desired outcomes.

One essential element to culture initiatives is early and effective engagement in new product introduction (NPI). However, most of the market lacks early and effective engagement of quality processes, insights, and competencies within NPI, and quality teams struggle to justify deeper involvement.

Read this playbook to learn:

  • How to overcome traditional quality challenges
  • How to allocate sufficient quality resources to NPI
  • Why investing in risk data management is necessary
  • How can quality build on its strengths
  • Digitally transform quality to enable the Digital Innovation Cycle
Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: Sep 25, 2018

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