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Q2 2023 - Executive Roundtable Recording: Advanced Industrial Analytics, How to Scale Analytics and Build a Future State Data Architecture

Advanced Industrial Analytics: How to Scale Analytics and Build a Future State Data Architecture

Data quality is the number one challenge working against Advanced Industrial Analytics initiatives in manufacturing today. In fact, analytics and data science teams may spend as much as 80% of their efforts working on data preparation and clean-up as opposed to its actual analysis. But this is not the only problem working against analytics.

In this highly interactive, collaborative Executive Roundtable event led by LNS Research Analyst team members, Niels Andersen and Vivek Murugesan, learn how to scale your analytics and build a future state data architecture, with firsthand knowledge from Anthony Huffman, Senior Director of Digital Manufacturing at Molex Corporation. We discuss:

  • Digital Transformation challenges and strategies
  • Advanced Industrial Analytics effectiveness and integration
  • Addressing issues in scaling analytics
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Watch this Virtual Executive Event to learn:
  • The importance of Advanced Industrial Analytics in your Industrial Transformation (IX) Program
  • Bridging the gap between data legacy systems and Advanced Industrial Analytics initiatives
  • Funding for transformation programs and how to build a solid business case that shows real value and ROI
  • How to navigate the challenges of Data quality and cleaning
Watch the recording of this event below.
Author Name: Vivek Murugesan & Niels Andersen
Date: Apr 13, 2023

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