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Q2 2022 - Executive Roundtable Recording: Quality 4.0 Leadership, Changing Culture to Cross the Transformation Chasm

Quality 4.0 Leadership, Changing Culture to Cross the Transformation Chasm

Led by key members of the LNS Research Analyst Team, Tom Comstock, James Wells, and Vivek Murugesan, featuring thought provoking leadership discussions from John Kelleher, Sr. Director of Digital Quality at Pfizer and several of our other executive members, we present our latest insights and research findings on Quality 4.0 transformation. 

Quality management at industrial organizations is commonly considered the responsibility of only a specific team or department, not the entire company, with the leaders of Quality viewed as “policing” the rest of the organization.

These views of Quality simply do not work and work against leaders' Quality 4.0 transformation initiatives. 

In this Roundtable, we address the age-old challenges facing Quality 4.0, and where Quality leaders are failing, including:

  1. Quality Data and Analytics
  2. Leadership, Governance, and Organizational Culture
  3. Integration with Continuous Improvement

Quality 4.0 Adoption Rate

 We discuss:
  • The Four Stages of Transformation and where Quality is getting stuck.
  • The need for a holistic approach to Quality 4.0 and how you can create a culture for change.
  • What outdated methods are working against Quality leaders.
  • Why you too need to Pivot and how you can move from Vision to Value to succeed in your Quality 4.0 transformation.

We then wrap up by sharing a glimpse into new upcoming research soon to be published, additional future executive events, and a Q&A discussion on Quality Transformation and how to overcome the barriers to success, 

Watch the recording of this event below.
Author Name: Tom Comstock, Vivek Murugesan, & James Wells
Date: Jun 29, 2022

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